Boxy Is The New Trend In Clothing

Boxy clothing has remained for a while now and those who had earlier shown remorse to the boxy clothing are now falling in love with them. Among the females, the boxy tops are already a fad which sells like hot cakes. But now, the boxy tees for men are in fashion and guess what, males love it.

black hoodie

Man’s guide to the boxy tees

Boxy tees are more suited for the younger men but if you have a good physique, boxy t-shirt will definitely look good on you. Many male celebrities have shown up from time to time, dressed in boxy tees and this can be attributed to its rise. Boxy tees could be worn with Jeans, khakis and even trousers. For a better style statement, go for a grey or black boxy tee and wear it under an open buttoned shirt or Jacket. Again no need to tuck in the boxy, just wear it out, loose as it is, it looks awesome that way. Boxy tees for men like the boxy tops for female and come in many varieties. You need to be cautious about the neck type of the tees. They come in round neck and V shaped neck. V shaped neck suits those with a good brawny body. Full sleeve or half sleeve is another thing to consider. Graphic varieties are also popular if you have a thing for that.

Where to buy

Many online sellers are selling boxy tees. You can also find them in the retail outlets where you can try them before paying. It looks like boxy tees will not go out of fashion anytime soon.