Celtic Ornaments With A Variety Of Symbols Carved On It

Celtic jewelries have become trendy ornaments to most of the fashion-conscious women of the present society. Every piece may reflect your status. With Celtic figures, added to the trinkets, you may be able to find extreme beauty and profound meaning in them.

In the past, the Celtic artisans used gold, silver or bronze as major material. You may find that these jewelries were in use more than 500 years ago. And now jewelry the makers have revived the designs to give similar touch.

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Depiction of Celtic beliefs on the jewelries

Traditionally, the designers used fire for making Celtic jewelries. Celts considered fire as the medium with spiritual value and transformative features. On many Celtic arts or statues, you may see sunrays and flames as the symbol. Celts of ancient age also showed honor to our planet. They had a belief that while any kinsman passed away, they should be properly buried inside cave that was facing towards the west.

Celtic ornaments had also the representation of different animals as the relevant symbols. Totem creatures were oldest signs that reveal the Gods. Celtic ornaments are available in various forms. You can wear rings on your fingers and white coated bangles on your wrist. Celts had also conviction on rebirth and afterlife. So, in many art pieces, they engraved butterfly that enters new world through cocooning.

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