Guide To Buy The Right Beauty Tunics

Spas and salons have now become a modern day necessity; there are many people who prefer visiting these salons and spas when it comes to grooming the body. This is because these services have a team of professionals who can do many jobs such as hairs (styling, cutting, coloring, re-texturing etc), massaging, manicure, pedicure and many other kinds of services are performed over this place.

High reason of getting popularity of these services is that they are able to provide many types of services at one place and with professionalism. The ambience of the place, way of talking and the professional dress code of the workers also reflects their professionalism.

Every good service creates an atmosphere around them that only reflects their professionalism that means all their beauty consultants as well as employees always wear a matching tunic, so that they not only look professional but also present and promote their salon.

tunic navy model

What is tunic?

The main work of these tunics is to provide the protection to original clothing of the beauticians from nail polish, shampoo, hair color and many more. While at the same time they also get the feel of professionals, so in simple terms you can say that tunic is a dress for beauticians which they wear while during their work. There are many different types of beauty therapist tunic available in the market that you can buy for your employee.

Types of tunics

Button salon – this tunic is one of the perfect choices when it comes to choosing a tunic. This tunic comes in a short sleeve, mandarin collar and has eight buttons in the shape of bar. This tunic is well fitted around the body and greatly protects the front and back of your body. This tunic gives you the most professional look and more that it allows the beautician to move their arms around very easily. It is also very comfortable to wear. Most of these tunics are made from the polyester blend material just because it is very easy to wash and doesn’t get shrink after the wash. You can also customize these tunics as per your convenience such as on one side of the tunic you can add vents in order to increase breathability.

Slip-on – this is considered as a basic tunic, you can wear this tunic as you wear your shirt and it also looks like a shirt only that fits perfectly and these tunics also carry a wide neckline that gives you a bold as well as professional look. These tunics come in many different color variants and patterns. In these tunics you can also get an option of pocket that is available on top of the dress.

Nurse-style – this type of tunic is also known as scrub and almost looks like a slip-on one but instead of carrying one small pocket these tunics carry large pockets in which you can easily carry your beautician products. In order to give more appealing look to these tunics, you can also wear them with trousers.