According To Dermatologists, Silk Can Relieve Skin Irritations

One of the newest silk-related discoveries is the fact this material can relieve skin irritations. They are common nowadays, due to the fact some types of skin are not fond of specific chemicals commonly discovered in materials such as wool, polyester, and even silk. The silk we are discussing is a bit special. It is known as high-quality silk and it comes without sericin.

This chemical can cause the mentioned skin irritations and they won’t disappear until you remove the clothes which contain the chemical. A silk robe without sericin won’t cause any type of skin irritations. When wet, skin is more suitable for the irritations and for similar issues. That’s why the silk without this chemical is more than just recommended.

silk pijamas

Silk is known for the lowest rate in causing skin irritations

Overall, silk contains the lowest amount of chemicals which have been related to skin irritations. Other materials are obviously higher in them. Combined, these substances in cooperation with bacteria can cause even annoying or severe irritations.

This advantage of silk is more than just mandatory for individuals with sensitive skin. They will benefit most out of this and they can notice improvement within a matter of minutes. Nowadays, almost all dermatologists recommend silk as the new and the safest material to get robes, pajamas and other clothes which comes directly in touch with the skin.


The lack of certain chemicals made silk more than just beneficial for people with sensitive skin. There are no skin irritations if you wear silk clothes.

Guest post by Silk Cocoon